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This page is design to be a breathtaking virtual voyage through Asia. It's first goal is to join together sites devoted to one or more Asian destinations: trips, memories, photographs, travelogues, impressions, various information... In short, it is a question of jointly Indiaxing our passions and our fascinations to help discover this incredible continent with the greatest number of Net surfers... By displaying the logo Web Asia on your page, you will allow your visitors to discover other visions of Asia and you will share your discoveries and oriental jewels with other impassioned travellers of Asia! Do not hesitate to suggest me the visit of your asian site via email. For further information, please consult this page: Web Asia Circle.

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  • Images and Words of Asia
    author: Greg Butensky
    countries: Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Vietnam.

  • Images of Asia
    author: Gregory
    countries: Hong-Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, China, India, Bangladesh, Himalayas.

  • Travel Images
    author: Doug Skeggs
    countries: India, Vietnam.

  • Maxime Berna's Photo-Book
    author: Maxime Berna
    countries: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Viet-Nam.

  • Colors of Asia 
    author: Philippe Prenas
    countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Viet-Nam, Laos, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines.

  • a folio
    author: Dan White
    countries: India, Ladakh, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Pakistan, Tibet, Vietnam...

  • Photography Porfolio
    author: David Portnoy
    countries: Indonesia, Cambodia, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand.

  • East of Eden
    author: Marc Ricard
    countries: Pakistan, India, Thaďland, Malaysia, Laos, Vięt-nam, China.

  • Photo Galery
    author: Francesco Alberghina
    countries: India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.

  • Images from Asia
    author: Felix Requejo
    countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal.
    « Pictures from Saigon and other places in Vietnam, the Luang Prabang region in Laos, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nepal. »

  • Photojournalism & Documentary photography
    author: Harry Peronius
    countries: India, Nepal, China.

  • Order In Disorder: images and words...
    author: Kevin McLaughlin
    countries: Thailand, China, Cambodia, Laos.

  • Tsunami Bay Gallery
    author: Matjaz Vrecko
    countries: Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet.

  • Galeria / Fotografia
    author: Agnieszka Gaszyńska
    countries: Kaukaz, Tibet, Mongolia, Turkey, India, Ladakh, Nepal.

  • Travelogues of Asia...
    author: Rene van Dam
    countries: Cambodia, Hong-Kong, Myanmar (soon Indonesia).

  • Moments Of Extinction...
    author: Yannis Psilakis
    countries: Pakistan, India, Indonesia.

  • U-Zine : Universal Magazine
    author: Isabelle
    countries: China, Myanmar, Nepal, and soon Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand.

  • A photojournalist Portfolio page
    author: Jock Fistick
    countries: China, Nepal, India.

  • Photographer & writer: Porfolio, Features, Stock...
    author: Stuart Isett
    countries: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Brunei, Malaysia.

  • Asian Photographer
    author: Wendy Chan
    countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Oman.

  • Travelshots by rom
    author: Romain Helbach
    countries: Tibet, Nepal, China.

  • Travel
    author: Kurt W. Bost
    countries: Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam.

  • Travel pictures
    auteur: Cyril Sales
    pays: Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore.
  • .asiatour - Photo Gallery
    author: Diethelm Travel
    countries: Cambodia, Laoa, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, China.

  • Favorite Photos
    author: Lawrence Wheeler
    countries: Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo.

  • AsiaPhoto.Com
    authors: photographs and journalists
    countries: changes every update.

  • Indochina Snapshot
    author: John Spragens, Jr.
    countries: Cambodia, Vietnam.

  • Taura's Asia
    author: Taura Edgar
    countries: Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam.
    « This site is a pictorial guide to everything I've done in Asia. Each country site includes my favorite photos, commentary on the places I visited, some facts relevant to these places and useful links. »

  • Nomadic Portfolio
    author: Olivier Ervyn
    countries: India (Madras, Trivandrum), Thailand (Bangkok).

  • Wilson & Associates Stock Photos
    authors: Ruth Hart et Terry Wilson
    countries: India, Nepal.

  • Travel Diaries
    author: Denys Meakin
    countries: India, Indonesia, Bengladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand.

  • Asian Attractions For A Westerner
    author: Robert Jones
    countries: Vietnam, China.
    « China and Vietnam surges through my veins and fills my memory with wonderful experiences of travels in a fascinating country. In more than 80 pages with photographs, you can share my adventures. »

  • Photography and writing
    author: Patrick Horton
    countries: Ladakh, North Korea, Tibet, Himalaya.

  • Rendez-vous
    author: Louis Lecat
    countries: Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, China.
    «The best of my greatest photographs of Asia. Immerse yourself in the asian scent.»

  • AsiaPhoto : Travelogues & Pictures
    author: Bernard Heiser
    countries: Cambodia, Laos.
    « This is a personal travel site about trips to Laos (1998) and Cambodia (1999) including general information, news, links and, of course, photos. »

  • Nadima's Retreat
    author: Nadima El-Khalafawi
    countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand.

  • Laurent's Homepage : Pictures of my last travels
    author: Laurent
    countries: Nepal, China, Japan.

  • Indonesia

  • Java Atlas Home Page
    authors: Yann Roche et Rodolphe De Koninck

  • Indonesian Photographs
    authors: Annemarie & Holli Hollitzer

  • Sumatran Rain Forests Photos
    author: John Polos

  • Malaysia

  • Images of Malaysia
    author: Damien Debin

  • Photography in Malaysia
    author: MIR Web Development Team

  • Thailand

  • Thailand Gallery
    author: Steve Passmore

  • Thailand Photo Gallery and Bangkok Photo Gallery
    author: Bangkok University

  • Thailand Travel Information
    author: Hotel Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Destination Vietnam
    author: Global Directions

  • Hitchhicking Vietnam
    author: Karin Muller

  • The VietNam Pictures Archive
    author: Sunsite.Unc.Edu

  • Images of Vietnam
    author: Doug Skeggs

  • Around Vietnam Photo Album
    author: Russell Gilbert

  • Vietnam Photos
    author: Waco Moore

  • Vietnam Photo Gallery
    author: Tam Tien Nguyen

  • VietScape Home Page
    author: VEN Productions

  • Viet Nam in images
    author: Olivier Porcher
    « Images of Vietnam from around the web : pagodes, Halong Bay, portraits, landscapes, cities... »

  • India

  • India Photos
    author: Waco Moore

  • Studio India
    author: David Cohen

  • Album of India
    auteur: Henri Dubuc
    « Come spend one moment to explore deep India, India where magic dances with the simplicity of everyday life; peaceful and eternal India beyond time and space, poor and accessible India where smile is king »

  • photographs and stories
    author: John R. Stanmeyer

  • Going, Going Gandhi
    author: Kelly Campbell

  • Indian porfolio
    author: Rodney Barnett

  • Discover India-Photo Gallery
    author: Government of India

  • Laos

  • Travel in Lao
    author: Akihito Koriyama

  • Laos Travel Diary
    author: Tapa King
    « Travelogue and tips for independent travel through Lao P.D.R., a short visit to Bangkok and travel on Thai Railway. The travelogue includes adventures on planes, trains, automobiles, tuk-tuks and river boats. »

  • Lao Net
    author: collectif

  • Cambodia

  • Cambodia Tales
    author: Andy Brouwer

  • Phnom Penh People
    author: Kevin Bolton

  • Faces of Cambodia
    author: Richard Wilson

  • 90 days in Cambodia
    author: Marcel Stoessel
    « Traveler, travel writer, and international election observer. 90 days of political tension, but also 90 days where I got to know the real, the rural Cambodia, the Cambodia of the provinces, where guidebooks are only being written now. »

  • Pictures from Cambodia
    author: Earle Goodman

  • Legacy of the Khmer Rouge
    authors: Neil Herdegen et Kevin McLaughlin

  • Cambodia Portfolio
    author: S. Wallace

  • Cambodia Pics
    author: Ian Taylor

  • China

  • Photographs of China
    author: Multimedia Library

  • Travelogues : Through Southwest China
    author: Daniel Silverman

  • China Multimedia Photography
    author: Peter Danford
    « Seven different sites : Hong Kong Voyage, Walk the Wall, Shanghai After Dark, Around Tiananmen Square, YuYuan Garden, Shanghai Acrobats, Tibet Game... »

  • China: the land of beauty
    author: CDN

  • Caroline : travels in China 
    author: Caroline
    « Photos and comments about great chinese cities visited by Caroline at the end of year 2000. Simple, without special effects, this site wishes to present a cultural overview of the two faces of China. It was written in english by a French girl so it could be read by surfers from all over the world. »

  • Images of China
    author: Jenny Chu

  • Alain in China
    author: Alain Gravelet

  • Travel Photography from Mongolia, China and Tibet.
    + On Horseback with Central Asian Nomads.
    authors: Kent Madin & Linda Svendsen (Boujum Expeditions)

  • China Photogallery
    authors: Yoshi Keller and Karo Ernst

  • Image Gallery
    author: Taoist Restoration Society's

  • China: images & insights
    author: ?

  • China : cities, people and arts.
    authors: Cécile & Jeff

  • Other countries

  • Wax Visual Himalaya
    author: Tom Compagnoni
    « A collection of images from North India & Nepal ; Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, the Kathmandu Valley and the Everest & Annapurna regions. It focusses on the cultural diversity as well as the geographic extremes of the region. »

  • Assorted Tibetan Stock Photos
    author: Frank Borges Llosa

  • Burma Diary
    author: Eric Meola

  • Nepal
    author: Bertrand Gorge
    « This site is mainly a photo album of a trip in Nepal we did in November 99 (Kathmandu, some rafting-safari, and a trek between Pokhara and Muktinath). »

  • Photography of Japan
    Bali author: Ed Kaspar

  • Taro's Site by Sight : Korea
    author: Jean Quentin Boy

  • Photography of Mongolia
    author: David Edwards

  • Dorje online gallery
    author: Franck Schmutz

  • Photography of Tibet
    author: Doug and Sue Brown

  • Singapore : My Hometown
    author: Tay Kay Chin

  • Photography of Korea
    author: Jin Hong Lee

  • Ilankai (Sri Lanka) Tamil Expatriate
    author: Arumugam Kumarasamy

  • Tibetan Portraits
    author: Phil Borges

  • Photo Album: Nepal - People
    author: Harris

  • Journeys to the Philippines
    author: Robert Gardner

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